07 May 2010

Headphone Concert preparation

Tomorrow I will be playing a concert at the Spor-Festival in Århus, Denmark. It will be a headphone concert afternoon and many artists have made works for the event and some will play live concerts, including me.
So, as usually, I'm interested in the transition between digital and acoustical representation of music; the convertion that gives the music physical, percievable attributes. I like to think of is as a birth.
For generating sound material to this 21 minute long head-phone-composition, I made this setup.

It's a metal plate (from a stove) hanging in a vertical position, with four speakers placed on it. The four speakers ar connected to an amplifier. From a very simple max patch I send sines or squarewaves at individual frequencies to the speakers. This way the speakers appears as vibrating, electromechanical objects, rather than as a media interface, which is the role that they normally have.

The metal plate resonates and the mix of speaker sound and resonating metal plate is recorded. It gives some really nice drones.

The mic is placed as close to the plate as possible to catch the small modulations emitted from the plate.

This is the proto type and me...

I will upload some sound from this soon.

The mail man just brought me this from China.

It's a backlit display for a Arduino project. But more about that later...

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