08 May 2010

Headphone festival

The Headphone festival was good!
There were live concerts by Simon Roy, vectral, Morten Riis, Jonas Olesen and me. Also compositions by other artists were presented, including Rune Søchting, André Falsig, Stormhat and Karsten Pflum.
Simon Roy



Relaxed audience

A guy who wasn't allowed to borrow headphones, but participated the best he could anyway.

A pair of really ok dudes

...and the one dude smiling on an orange-furniture-device... Who wouldn't:-)

The concert was held in the foyer at Musikhuset Aarhus. Not the most charming place in town but quite many people came by and listened. The good thing was that many of the guests were people not used to this kind of experimental, electronic music and it is allways interesting to witness the different reactions. This 10 weeks old guy responded with a smile...

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