06 June 2010

Cassette tapes to the Queen

Yesterday (05.06.2010) Morten Riis and I played a concert at the Queens coach trip trough Aarhus. We had 7 cassette tape walkmen and played back a lot of danish old music. It was sort of a collage of hits from the last 50 years. At first we thought that we were actually going to play for the queen herself but later we found out that our concert had the purpose of entertaining the people waiting to wave at the Queen as she passed trough the city streets.
The concert lasted 45 minutes and ended as the Queen approached. It went very well but due to some misunderstanding a youth march orchestra was playing to the same audience at the same time as us.

To those who wanted to hear the youth orchestra it was ofcourse disturbing that we were playing at the same time. So a few older people asked us to turn it down or turn of the noise. Some were actually quite offensive.

But all in all it was ok and the interesting thing for us was ofcourse to see the reactions of the ones who were not prepared to hear a cassette collage of evergreens. And we also believe that most of the people enjoyed the old songs and had a interesting experience after all.

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